Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Dmoney?

Dmoney is a financial technology service provider with a mission to reach a large segment of the citizenry of the country in order to provide seamless and secure Digital Financial and Lifestyle Services.

2. Is Dmoney a Foreign Company?

Dmoney is a Bangladeshi Company. Reputed businessman and technology leaders have founded this company in 2016.

1. How can I download Dmoney?

Dmoney is available both in IOS and Android. You can download Dmoney from app store or Play store based on your platform.

App Store Download Link:

Play store Download link:

2. Can I download Dmoney from outside Bangladesh?

Dmoney is only available in Bangladesh. Users outside Bangladesh will not be able to download or use Dmoney.

3. What configuration my device is required to use Dmoney?

Dmoney runs on devices running Android version 4.1 or later and iOS version 9 or later.

1. Can I be Dmoney user?

Anyone with bank account, NID, email address and mobile number can be Dmoney user. The user must be 18+ years of age and Bangladeshi Citizen.

2. How to register Dmoney?

In order to register for Dmoney account, one must install Dmoney app from app store/ play store. Anyone with NID, active mobile number, email address and bank account information can self-register Dmoney. Dmoney will activate customer account upon verification of photo, NID and Bank Account.

3. How long it takes to activate my Dmoney wallet?

Your NID, email, wallet number (mobile number) and at least a bank need to be verified to activate your account. Usually email can be verified instantly where the user needs to activate the email Dmoney sends. The wallet ID can be verified through entering the OTP (One Time Password) that Dmoney sends to the mobile number, the wallet has been opened. Dmoney internally verifies the NID with National database. You bank account verification takes 3-5 working days where Dmoney will send a randomly generated fraction amount in your bank account. You have to check the amount from your account and have to enter the amount in Dmoney app to successfully verify the account.

4. Can I register multiple wallets in Dmoney?

One user can have only one Dmoney account against his/her NID.

5. What are the mandatory documents for registration in Dmoney?

You are required to upload your NID image (front side) and your photo during Dmoney registration.

6. How can I log into my Dmoney Wallet?

You can login Dmoney wallet using your wallet ID and 4-digit PIN. Your mobile number will work as user Wallet ID.

1. How to add balance in my wallet?

The feature of adding balance in wallet is called “Add". You can add balance in your wallet either from your card (Debit/Credit) or you can add from your verified bank account. Adding balance from card is real time; from bank account may take 3-5 working days.

2. Is there any charge applicable to add money in my wallet?

Adding balance from bank account is completely free. However, payment gateway charge is applicable for adding balance from card. Currently the charge is 2.1% of refill amount for VISA and MasterCard and 3.7% from American Express Card.

3. Can I withdraw money from wallet?

Yes, you can withdraw money from your wallet to your verified bank account or any other bank account. Before withdrawal, you have to add the bank account as beneficiary account.

4. How long it takes to withdraw money from wallet?

Usually it takes 3-5 working days to withdraw money.

5. Can I add multiple bank account?

Yes. You can add multiple bank accounts. Each account addition will require bank verification.

6. Can I send money to other MFS (bKash, Rocket) or Wallet (iPay, uPay)?

No. Currently there is no option to send money to other MFS and Wallet.

7. Can I transfer money in other Dmoney wallet?

Yes, you can. Just press “Send” and enter “recipient number” and “submit”. The transaction will be completed after OTP verification.

8. How can I get notifications of my transaction?

Dmoney’s notification system is fully configurable. All notifications are send via SMS, app and email. However, users can configure if they do not want to receive SMS notification. All notifications are stored in the app also in the top right corner (Bell like icon).

9. Is there any geographic location restriction inside Bangladesh?

Anyone living in Bangladesh with NID, Bank account and Mobile number can register Dmoney wallet. However currently Dmoney ecosystem such as services, bill payments and merchants are centered in Dhaka. Yet users may avail services like mobile top up, e-commerce, Send Money nationwide.

10. Can I send money to other persons bank account?

Yes. You can send money to a bank account not owned and verified by you. To do so, you have to click “Beneficiary” from menu and then add account details of the beneficiary. Now you can select the beneficiary account from withdraw option and send money. This way you can send money from your Dmoney app to any schedule bank of the country. The transfer may take 3~5 working days.

11. Can I withdraw money from ATM

No. Currently you cannot withdraw your Dmoney balance from any ATM.

12. Is there any transaction limit in Dmoney Wallet?
Service Name Per Transaction Limit Daily Transaction Count Daily Transaction Volume Monthly Transaction Count Monthly Transaction Volume
Min Max Max Max Max Max
Add Money (From Bank) 10 50,000 10 100,000 100 400,000
Add Money (From Card/Gateway) 10 50,000 10 100,000 100 400,000
Transfer to Bank 10 50,000 10 100,000 100 400,000
Send Money 10 100,000 100 100,000 500 400,000
Request Money 10 100,000 100 100,000 500 400,000
Merchant Pay 1 400,000 100 400,000 500 400,000
Bill Pay 1 100,000 100 100,000 500 400,000
Top-up 10 Prepaid - 1,000
Postpard - 5,000
100 5,000 500 150,000
13. Can I Refill Dmoney wallet from any visa card, master card and Amex card?

Yes; Currently you can refill from any VISA, MasterCard and American Express Card. However, cards other than above cannot be used to add money in your wallet currently.

14. How can I see my previous transaction history?

You can view your previous transaction history from Dmoney app under “History” menu.

15. Refund Policy

After successful wallet load, no transaction is returnable. Payment is only refundable on the condition that the payment was successfully debited by the user’s bank or payment processor but service has not been provided. If payment is debited and service is provided then the respective amount is not refundable.

1. What services are available in Dmoney Wallet?

Dmoney is brining diversified services in its app for its users. Currently available services are-

  • Payments: Payment through QR in thousands of merchants in Dhaka city
  • Mobile top Up
  • Bill Payment: Credit cards, internet, vehicle tracker
  • Donations to Jaago foundation
  • Bus tickets – Green Line Paribahan
  • E-commerce through
  • Books through
  • Vehicle security through Easy Trax
  • Food- Khaas Food (Organic Food) and Gowala (Milk, Ghee, Sweets, Card etc.)
  • Vehicle Solutions – Zantrik
  • Motor insurance
  • Movie tickets- Blockbluster
  • Our service portfolio is continuously growing. Apart from the above services, Dmoney have unique features for its users-

  • Request Money – You can request money from any other Dmoney wallet holder.
  • Split Money – You can split payable or bills among multiple users
  • Group pay – Configure your regular payments through group pay. It is designed for wallet to wallet transfers.
2. What are the fees for using Dmoney services?

Please see fees of Dmoney -

List of Services Fee & Charges
Add Money from Bank Free
Add Money from Card Gateway charge applicable
Withdraw to Bank 1.5%
Send Money Free
Request Money Free
Merchant Pay Free
Top-up Free
1. How can I reset my PIN if I forget it?

You can simply reset your PIN by clicking “Forget PIN” option from the login page. You need to follow the following steps for reset your PIN.

Step1: enter your registered email address (email must be verified)

Step2: click forget PIN option

Step3: you will get a PIN reset link to your email address

Step4: Click on the link and you will be routed to Reset PIN page

Step5: Enter new PIN and Re-Enter again

You will get a successful pop up for PIN reset.

2. How I can raise dispute or make complain?

It is easy to raise any dispute against any transaction from Dmoney app. To raise dispute, go to “History” and then click details of the transaction you wish to raise dispute. Click “Raise Dispute” to raise dispute. This method of raising any dispute is available up to 3 days after a transaction. Alternatively,

As a customer you can raise complain in multiple ways-

3. Do I need to register again in case I change my mobile set?

No. Each time, you login from a new device you will receive an OTP. After successful OTP verification new device will be added. You can add up to 5 devices as trusted device. In case you are adding more devices, please delete any unused device. You cannot add more than 5 devices at time.

4. What is the operation hour of Dmoney helpline?

You can reach our 24X7 hotline @ +880-9638-668899.